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About Us

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Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) is a not for profit organization, operating across the country delivering accurate, balanced and current, curriculum‐linked resources on the agriculture and food industry. Eight provinces are at the table including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. These member organizations are committed to a collective, cross Canadian effort and all have increased their teacher and student reach and effectiveness by being involved in the national organization.

AITC-C has a strong commitment to educating Canadian teachers and youth about the importance of agriculture and thereby contributing to a strong, sustainable, viable Canadian agriculture industry. Over the past several years, provincial AITC member organizations have been working towards building the capacity and capability of a formalized AITC‐C by identifying and delivering on key initiatives identified through a strategic planning session. Key accomplishments over the past several years include the following:

  • Developed governance policies and procedures and officially incorporated as a non‐profit organization in April, 2015.
  • Nurtured stronger inter‐provincial relationships and established a common strategic focus with the identification of a strategic direction and agreement on desired results.
  • Led the 5th annual Canadian Agricultural Literacy Week (CALW) delivery across Canada in March, 2016. Over 95,000 students and 3500 classrooms have been visited by industry speakers and readers across Canada.
  • Expansion of Canadian Agriculture Literacy Week to Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) effective March 2017
  • Launched a national high school teaching tool, All About Food, with a comprehensive fact book and accompanying interactive website with teacher guide:
  • Developed and delivered International Year of Pulses education components in partnership with Pulse Canada for 2016.
  • Host annual AITC‐C meetings and collaborative planning sessions with partners and stakeholders.

CORE Values

Core Values express how AITC Canada will accomplish the Mission and Purpose.

Integrity: We will act as an honest and reliable source of agricultural information as it relates to our core mission.

Balanced & Accurate: We will present information in a manner that empowers learners to make informed decisions about agriculture in Canada such as healthy eating, sustainable environmental practices and viable communities.

Collaborative Culture: We will work with our stakeholders to create partnerships and provide mutually beneficial support.

Transparency & Openness: In all our dealings with stakeholders, we will actively engage in dialogue, ensuring information is accurate, balanced and current.

Passion: We are passionate about agriculture awareness and education, and the importance of lifelong learning. We are motivated and committed at all times to acting in the best interests of our core values.

From the AITC Office

May 20, 2015Agriculture in the Classroom-Canada Formalizes and Appoints Chair
January 27, 20152015-16 Strategic Plan
September 30, 20142014-15 Strategic Plan
April 14, 20142014 Q1 Progress Report
March 14, 2014Media Release: Agriculture in the Classroom-Canada reaches 1 Million+ Students and Teachers