Agriculture in the Classroom Canada

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Nova Scotia Agricultural Awareness, Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture
To enhance knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the agriculture and agri-food industry by all Nova Scotians by taking a leadership role in development and implementation of agricultural awareness initiatives.

Our Passion

Child learning about agriculture

Having worked my whole career in agriculture, I have a deep respect and appreciation for farmers, agrologists and agricultural professionals. Through my work I get to see first-hand the value in connecting the public with the farm community. Our programs have potential to spark an appreciation for the economic impact of agriculture in Nova Scotia, the safety and quality of Canadian farm products, the environmental stewardship required of farmers, and the innovative thinking which fuels the industry.

Judy Grant, Agricultural Awareness Coordinator

Featured Program

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Day at the Library

In the heart of Halifax stands a new central library which is getting rave reviews for their outreach programs. This March, we are taking over their children’s learning space with a team of agriculture students from Dalhousie University, to read farm books, share stories, make butter, plant seeds, do wool felting and more. Our own chef will cook up some tasty treats using local lamb and beans to celebrate the International Year of the Pulse. Good old country fun in the middle of the city.

For more information on this and other NS Agricultural Education resources and programs, visit our website.

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Day at the Library