Agriculture in the Classroom Canada

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Collaborating with partners to deliver education programming about food, farming and agriculture.

Our Passion

Colleen Smith, Executive Director

Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc. gets a new name and a new look...

After a quarter century of service to schools and the agri-food industry, we’ve evolved to keep pace with a new breed of curious, technologically-savvy students. We have a new look – one that reflects progress and a vision for tomorrow.

We remain committed to providing teachers and students with a discussion platform to learn about agriculture and food production, and to inspiring students to pursue careers in our sector. We are excited to continue creating agriculture and career literacy under our new AgScape® brand.

Colleen Smith, Executive Director

Featured Program

The Teacher Ambassador Program™ was developed to help fulfill our mandate to deliver agri-food literacy programs and resources into Ontario classrooms. Teacher Ambassadors are Ontario Certified Teachers who have an interest in agri-food topics and are looking to gain experience in the classroom.

Teacher Ambassador lessons:

  • Are constructed to be interactive and engaging
  • Align with the Ontario curriculum for grades 7 – 12
  • Are fact-based and unbiased
  • Encourage students to think critically about agri-food related issues
  • Expose students to the vast career opportunities in the sector

Our Teacher Ambassador Program™ is available free of charge to any Ontario school.