Agriculture in the Classroom Canada

Map of Canada overlay. Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Newfoundland & Labrador Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia
Pictures of agricultural learning.

Initiative de collaboration en vue de faire en sorte que l’agriculture soit mieux connue, mieux comprise et mieux appréciée dans la vie quotidienne.

De quoi s’agit-il?

AITC-C is a non-profit organization supported by provincial AITC member organizations and sponsors who share the organization’s goal. Chair Johanne Ross works with the national Board of Directors to facilitate the growth of an agriculture education strategy nationally, to include building partnerships, supporting the provincial AITC organizations and delivering on national resource and program development.

AITC-C’s founding Board of Directors represents a cross section of the country. Currently there are 7 directors representing Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. It is AITC-C’s goal to expand this representation to all provinces and territories in the future. Each provincial representative exhibits a commitment and dedication to delivering an accurate, balanced and current message about agriculture.

Mission Statement

Working together to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of agriculture in everyday life.

Purpose Statements

AITC Canada will:

  • Act as the national voice and identity for agriculture education
  • Build capacity and increase opportunities for member organizations
  • Facilitate the sharing of best practice initiatives
  • Identify and manage national projects beneficial to member organizations
  • Develop and support approved curriculum linked resources related to agriculture
  • Coordinate networking and professional development opportunities for individual stakeholders

Partenaires de financement

Canadian Canola Growers Association CropLife Dow AgroSciences Farm Credit Canada
Nutrients for Life Syngenta Pulse Canada